The most perfect service supporting movievideo shooting in China.
We are equipped with: imported original German ARRI lights; large Ausleger, traverse track and other photographic equipment; Wia, burst point, smoke cake and other required assistant material. We also have a large variety of furnishings and clothing props from different historical periods for you to choose.
Tel: 0579-89322178 , 89322179 , 89322182
Address: Chinese Culture Park Studio 6#, Film and television industry area in HengDian, Dongyang City, ZheJiang Province.
Reception Service Process
Step1:Prophase of Choosing Landscape:The hengdian management service company will issue a contact. order so you can enter the bases.Hengdian management services company will send someone accompanies you to see the scene.
Step2:Early Stage Preparing:Sign a shooting agreement with hengdian management service company to confim the occupancy of hotel.Get a temporary permit for the film crew and vehicle permit, show the permit when enter the base.Hengdian management services company will appoint a manager, responsible for assisting in coordinating the affairs of the crew.
Step3:Official Shooting:Get the permit of using the scene from hengdian management service company in advace. so you can enter the area,setting, shooting and re-viewing.Note hengdian management service company in advance if you need guest actors figurants.Assist by the manager in the process of setting. shooting and re-viewing with its related issues.
  • Mechanic/Handyman A large number of experienced technicians, field workers, handyman are at your disposal.
  • Vehicles As many as thousands of buses, vans,trucks, generators and crane and stage property vehicles that can be provided for your choice.
  • Horses We have a professional equestrian stunt team with nearly hundred varieties of excellent horses ensure that the crew can shoot smoothly.
  • Studio We have built 15 supporting grade-A (film-class) and grade-B(TV-class) studios covering an area from 1,000 to 6,000 m2.
  • Actors The Actors Guild has contract with a large number of special guest actors and a huge team of figurant. We will contribute your excellent video works according to the story needs.
  • Accommodation We have more than 20 hotels of various grades from base hotels to high star hotels, with a total about two million sheets, comprehensive facilities and convenient transportation.

Scene From the ancient building of Spring and Autumn Period, Warring States and Qin and Han Dynasties to the 30th and 40th of the 20th Century's modern architecture, we have the scene of each historical period,comprehensive and large-scale.