Founded in 1996, Hengdian World Studios as the world’s largest film & TV shooting base is invested by Hengdian group. Now, more than ten film shooting bases like Guangzhou Street Hong Kong Street,Palace of Ming and Qing Dynasties,The Palace of Emperor Qin,Qing Ming Shang He Tu,Dream Valley Jiangnan Water Town, Folk Residence Exhibition Museum in the Ming and Qing Dynasties, Chinese Culture Garden, Pinyan Cave, Dazhi Temple, the Republic of China Street, the Spring and Autumn Garden and the Tang Palace, etc as well as ten grade-A(film-class) and grade-B (TV-class) studios spanning thousands of years have been built here, so that many advantages such as grand base scale, abundant scene, professional clothing, stage properties, makeup,instrument, sets building, art design team and service team, huge figurants team and free scenes, etc. have been attracting numerous film crews at home and abroad, famous directors and stars. So far, more than 1,200 films and television plays were born here and Hengdian World Studios has therefore not only become the shooting base with the China’s most films and TV dramas, but also the competitive shooting scene for foreign blockbusters and TV dramas. In 2004, Hengdian Film and Television Industry Experimental Zone was established as China's only one national film and television industry experimental zone.
     Hengdian World Studios focus on developing featuring tourist industry integrating the film & television and tourism and devoting to making film and television industry bigger and stronger as scenic area in the base and newly-built film and TV tourism theme parks jointly make the Hengdian film and television tourism brand, so, along with the continuous integration of film and television and tourism cultural resources, the film and television tourism products can be continuously innovated. Based on the scene sightseeing tour, each scenic area launched film and TV theme art programs one after another like Heroes Fencing, Destructive Rainstorms and Torrential Floods, Dreamlike Tai Chi, Master and Commander, Talk on Huang Feihong, Be Back To Qin & Han Dynasties in Dream, Secret Story Happened in Qing Court, Bannermen Equestrian Performance, Made a Dream In Bianliang, Prince and Showgirl, Song of Noble Love, Fascinating China, Dark Ride, Zijin Ceremony, Eight Qinhuai Beauties and so on, thus setting up a featuring "Hengdian Film and Television Show" tourism brand and breaking through the bottle-neck of development of traditional superficial scenic tour and letting visitors have the chance of interacting with characters in the play when they are familiar with the content of the classic scene and acquire happy experience of the film and TV tourism. Hengdian World Studios has been named as the national AAAAA tourist attraction by National Tourism Administration in 2010. Since 2012, reception of tourists at home and aboard per year has more than 10 million. Hengdian World Studios has become China's fastest growing film and TV tourism theme scenic area, and a city of dreams and happiness integrates the gist of Chinese film and TV tourism culture at home and abroad.